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Web Link Nursing Database 1176
Web Link BC Ministry of Health 1171
Web Link Health Canada 1126
Web Link Pharmacist Database 1118
Web Link Alberta Health and Wellness (AHW) 1171
Web Link CIHI 1132
Web Link Physiotherapist Database 1085
Web Link Manitoba Health 1379
Web Link Statistics Canada 1101
Web Link Occupational Therapist Database 1099
Web Link Saskatchewan Health 1163
Web Link BC Health Quality Matrix

This webpage provides access to the BC Health Quality Matrix Handbook that was created by the BC Health Quality Network to provide a common understanding and framework for defining the quality of care.

Web Link Physician Database 1124
Web Link North West Territories Health & Social Programs 1062
Web Link The Western & Northern Health Human Resources Planning Forum

A Forum where western provincial and northern territorial Ministries of Health and Advanced Education can explore opportunities for coordinated planning and joint initiatives in the area of health human resources.

Web Link Medical Radiation Technologists Database 1220
Web Link Yukon Health & Social Services 1368
Web Link Health Canada- Health Human Resource Strategy (HHRS)

Pan-Canadian HHRS was launched in 2004/05 to support effective co-ordination and collaborative health human resources planning across the country.

Web Link Medical Laboratory Technologists Database 1012
Web Link The HRH Global Resource Center

The HRH Global Resource Center is a global library of human resources for health resources focused on developing countries.