Welcome to Effective Productivity in the Healthcare Workforce site!

The sustainability of Canada's health care system is a major issue at the forefront of the public agenda. A sustainable and high-performing health care system is one that uses its resources in the best way possible to achieve optimal value and optimal health outcomes for individual patients and the population. To be sustainable, the health system must ensure it has an adequate supply of health workers in order provide the services that will meet the needs of Canadians now, and in the future. It must also ensure that the work that the health care workforce is undertaking is appropriate, efficient and effective, particularly in improving health outcomes.

The contents of this site focus on the concept of improving the 'effective productivity' of the existing workforce as an essential component to achieving a sustainable health care system. If that can be achieved, there will be less need to increase the size of the workforce, and in fact, it may even be able to achieve a surplus of workers in years to come.

Three major components of this site include:

  1. Developing a definition of 'effective productivity' that fundamentally incorporates quality and health outcomes in the context of productivity in the health care system, and incorporating this into a conceptual framework that provides a logical process for application of the definition and framework into mainstream use in the health care system.
  2. Establishing a range of indicators, including Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMS), that are currently in use in the western provinces, and that are recommended for use in measuring and monitoring our performance in improving 'effective productivity'.
  3. Analyzing the nature and source of significant variations that exist in the number of health professionals per population across the region, from data provided by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and better understanding the challenges involved in standardizing data collection across jurisdictions in Canada.

This site was developed through a Health Canada funded project called: "Increasing Awareness and Resources to Facilitate the Improvement of Effective Productivity in the Health Care Workforce in Western and Northern Canada" - a collaborative project of the Western & Northern Health Human Resources Planning Forum.